Accommodating Alternate BlogEngine Azure Needs

Sep 11, 2009 at 11:48 AM
Hi, this looks like a fabulous project, may I in the first instance applaud its creation! I've been doing the rounds of the other BlogEngine Projects on Codeplex, and that's because I'm looking for something that will sit in Window's Azure, but not as the Primary Application of the host ~ I want a Blogging Engine solution that sits in a sub-folder and inherits from the main application's Web.Config (roles and membership, etc). Basically I'm hopeful that you'll support a module that automatically installs in a sub folder instead of the root, and that other than some xml configuration files, will automatically engage without disrupting the parent application. The reason for this is that in my own circumstances, it seems pointless having a separate Azure host just for the main host's blogging engine (Azure's scalability should accomodate everthing in a single host), and because of that I think that there will likely be some very significant demand for a BlogEngine that installs as a sub application and not as the primary application. I'll also keep my eye on this project as when my own workload starts to fall back to normall, I wouildn't mind being a Silverlight code contributor at some stage: A vanilla Silverlight only front end will be a very nice asset on Codeplex ~ and ideally it would be totally ignorant of the backend (Azure, Garden, etc) ~ which opens up the idea of a separate Codeplex project just for BloggingEngine Silverliught UI's: which means that there might need to be a common (WebService, etc) endpoint definition standardised amongst the various projects so that the Silverlight Front End could merely be plugged and played! The advantage of that common endpoint definition would be that other technologies could target it as well, for example, Flex or Ajax, etc. Just thinking out loud! Kind regards, Anthony